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central brake pipe installation procedure...help please!

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Anyone got a step by step guide of how best to get the central brake pipe (the one that runs through the car) in?

Its a nightmare. Can't even get the thing to bend round under where the brake pedals go, and to be honest, even if i get the front to work the back will be a mare without bending it too much... I've stopped to ask you chaps for help before it gets out of hand.

The pipe is one from GSF with the brass thingys already attached at each end. Master cylinder is being replaced so its not in the way at the moment.

How on earth did VW get it in there in the first place? Any tips!?


p.s. i havent got a pipe bending tool as the others all worked perfectly well using my arms.
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In a Beetle ? Take the drivers and rear seats out first, then form the rear bend in the new pipe, (copy the old pipe for that). Leave the front straight. feed the rear through the hole in the rear chassis outrigger, and connect it to the brass T connector. Then you can gently curve the full length of the new pipe upwards, allowing you to pass the front end under the pedals, and through the hole in the front chassis stiffener (Napoleons Hat). It's even easier if you remove the pedal cluster too. once the front is through, form the bend to connect the pipe to Master cyl., then go along the pipe inside, to straighten, and fit under the clips holding it to central tunnel. That's how I did it, but there may be many other ways.
That's great, thanks again Laurence.

Luckily the car is an empty shell at the moment so that should make things easier.
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