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I have not been in on in some time. Been busy drawing, getting married and having holidays.

I decided this year to drop joke-art.com for flatfourdesign.com.
As I want to start selling my own car apparel t-shirts and hoddies. Been designing for a lot of companies over the years. So I know they sell, so I am going to it myself.

New website: www.flatfourdesign.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/FlatFourDesign
Twitter: www.twitter.com/flatfourdesign

I am currently in the process of sorting out the the facebook group, and doing new designs. Will be looking at £10 for a single colour, £16 for a 3 colour design t-shirt and hoodies TBA.

I am also learning how to draw pin-up girls. As I want them in my designs. This is harder than I thought, but I am getting there slowly.

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