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I bought this last week for the wheels and I am now selling it on as a project. I have given it a once over and will need the following:

Framehead (Maybe just bottom plate)
Rear Bumper Mounts
Top Shock Towers

Suprisingly the inner arches are solid as are the heater channels and floorpans. The doors have 1 piece windows fitted and have a bit of play in the bottom hinges.

It has a 1300 AR engine fitted whereas originally it would have been a 1600. I have'nt had chance to start the engine yet but it is complete with everything and has an Alternator fitted. It has a small amount of endfloat but was reassured it ran before being laid up at the end of 2004.

The interior is pretty clean and has recaro type high backs fitted in the front and a recovered rear seat. It also has a Momo steerring fitted.

As its a 1303S it has disc brakes up front. Overall it looks like a tidy car and should'nt need a great deal of effort to get it roadworthy.

It will come with stock wheels and tyres and not the wheels in the picture.

I am looking for £400 as it is and will also come with 3 brand new bumpers. The car is located in Cambridge.

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