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Hey Guys and Gals, my friend Debs and I are looking for a Bay Camper, and hopefully someone will oblige :lol:

Basically we have a budget of £1500, mibbie a wee bit more at a push.

Don't mind it being LHD or RHD. Would love it to be tax exempt, but i know our budget might not allow that, deffo wouldn't turn away a good shell if it wasn't tax exempt.

Would prefer a pop top rather than a tin top.

Don't care about the paint work, or interior, or engine, as that will be sorted out later. Just as long as the chassis is solid, and the body work isn't too bad, don't mind a few dings/dents etc, but the less welding done the better.

We both don't mind getting her hands dirty :incheek: and we will be doing a lot of the work ourselves, but welding we've not mastered yet :crazy:

So if you have anything, email would be good [email protected]

Donna :) :) :)
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