A huge amount of support from the UK's custom and modified vehicle community has been received by the organisers of VW Action, an annual VW Festival, who have come up with a unique way of raising funds for a teenage cancer charity. They plan to 'feed' a 'custom' car to the Podzilla Monster Truck. The discovery channel 'Chop Shop' programme has come in for a fair amount of criticism regarding their claim to 'turn bangers into blingers'. One of their creations, a 'Gangster Car' built for actor Martin Kemp, has been acquired by VW Action to be the star 'victim' during the Monster Truck Display at the show.


Before the vehicle is dispatched by Podzilla, visitors to the VW festival will be able to write a send off message, or even whack it with a baseball bat, in exchange for a suitable donation to 'Brad's Cancer Foundation', a specialist teenage cancer charity. Having been displayed at a couple of events earlier this year, well over £500 has already been raised.


NAS Events' Brett Hawksbee is very keen to ensure that everyone understands the purpose of the exercise

"I am honestly appalled that this and other grotesque creations from Chop Shop may have been viewed as representing the standards of the UK's modified vehicle community. Quite apart from any aesthetic considerations, if the 'powers that be' were misled into thinking that 'Chop Shop' methods are how most of us go about modifying vehicles we'd be legislated against faster than you can say 'Leepu Awlia' (The programmes resident 'designer') The programme in my view paints us all in a bad light. Before we feed the car to Podzilla though, we will remove and recycled the viable parts. It's not about wanton destruction, it's about responsible, safe vehicle modification".

VW Action takes place on 4th - 6th September 2009 at Santa Pod Raceway.

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