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I have a revenheat 820 combi boiler, inefficient and always breaking.

Its always losing pressure in the central heating system (leaking pressure relief valve I think). Before that it was constantly overheating and shutting down (magically fixed itself). Now I have nice hot radiators but luke warm hot water which then goes boiling hot and then cold.

The boiler was fitted by the cowboy who preciously owned the house, he's run 15mm pipe all the way from the gas meter which feeds the gas hob in the kitchen and the boiler (clearly not good).

So I am considering getting a new boiler and gas pipe fitted. The only way to get the gas pipe around to the boiler is to run it out the front of the house, along the front, down the side and then back throug the wall to the boiler (in the outhouse) is that permitable?

Also any ideas on rough cost I should expect for installing the pipe, switching the boiler and comissionsing.

Its only a 2 bed end terrace 8 radiators, kitchen/bathroom taps, washing machine and a thermostatic mixer shower. I was looking at Valliant EcoTEC plus boilers as I have heard good things. Any other recommendations, what size should I go for?

A lot to ask I know, thanks,


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ALWAYS Get 3 quotes (suspect the cheapest !),Most important have the existing system FLUSHED out so it's completely clean ,running the gas supply on surface is acceptable , have thermostatic radiator valves fitted ,look at Hot water flow rate higher is better from 10 ltrs per min= ok ish to 18 lpm = good ,Vaillant Eco Tec + are good or Worcester Bosch ,Baxi are good as are Ideal ,And my pet hate ensure the installer explains ALL the controls to you in detail (you would be amazed at how many people dont know how to use the controls on ther system and have everything set at MAX !!= high bill's )if i supply the boiler and the rest id charge you £2000-£2500 aprox , lab only= 500-1000 depends on how bad the existing syst is and how much work to get it in a condition to fit a new boiler ! Invest dont skimp ! It's got to last and work every single day for 10-15 years and much harder all winter , have it serviced/performance checked EVERY year ! < just think about that for a bit and then relate it to a car that has to do the same ?? !
bear All these things in mind and you wont go far wrong !

Mark 26 years bg trained /currently senior engineer for e-on.
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