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Taxed Till end of Feb
MOT 6th Aug 2008

Insurance approved immobiliser with certificate
at 91000 Head was stripped and removed skimmed etc. £759

Alloys wheels
Rear spoiler works,
Sunroof works on tilt but not slide.
Someone replaced drivers door handle for one with out a lock for some reason ???. So has to be locked and unlocked from passenger door

Updated loom for main beam

Bad points

2 dents on the side, will try and take pictures if it stops raining

Gear linkage or syncro gone for 1 and 2 I think, I have done 2000 miles in the car and doesn't bother me,

starter sticks now and again, sometimes take 10 turns to kick it into action, but not bothered me

I purchased the car as a daily runner while mine was off the road. Mines back now, so this has to go. Done 2000 miles in her only issues have been wiper stalk stopped working, and I have replaced this, head lights were rubbish so sorted this as well.

I put a radio in it as didn't have one, that will stay with the car

£800 ono,

based in rugby if you want a look or test drive

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to dark and wet for pictures will try again tomorrow


exp tank cap 31-03-06
Alt Belt/power steer belts 1-04-06
head gasket 8-5-06
oil presures switch 13-05-06
wheel beering + cooling fan switch 03-07-06
CV boots 20-07-06
oil+filter 09-09-06
antifreeze 10-09-06

thats all that came with the car, was told he sevice it himself after that he said
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