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Cross drilled discs and caliper probs......

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My standard disc setup on my 1500 67 bug has been giving me grief recently, have replace the pads several times, cleaned the calipers and made sure they are all operational. The discs are under a year old.

No matter what i do the brakes will pull a little to one side. I have had the tracking done and the car drives in a straight line but it looks like one caliper grabs hold of the disc before the other and one is more efficient. I have cleaned the calipers and pistions to ensure they work ok.

Is it worth me bleeding the system before i buy new discs and calipers?

Also will new cross drilled brakes rather than standars sold discs make much difference to my stopping power?
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no cracks or leaks, i changed them about a year and a half ago and the resevoir is still at the same level

hup :)
you may have a bulgde(sp) in your flexy get some one to step on the brakes and feel for a lump along the flexy you will not see it untill the system is under pressure :)
cool ta!

Anyone know bout the cross drills? Worth it or not really?
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