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CV joint diagnosis on '78 bay

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Hi guys, just after a second opinion before I start changing out bits.
Peggy (78 Bay) has started making clonking sounds from the rear, at road wheel speed. Worse when accelerating, pretty much always quiet on the overrun. Doesn't always do it, but doing it more and more often.

When I grab the driveshafts, there is no up/down forewards/backswards play at the hub end, but at the gearbox end it's maybe half a mm, and I'm sure that the "clonk" noise it makes is the same as when you're driving.

Votes on new CV joint before I get on my back in the rain and get messy? Cheers :)
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Sounds like CV’s, difficult to diagnose which one even when stripped down and clean so I you can afford it, four new boots and CV’s.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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