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Is it an alloy seatpost? Fire a couple of CO2 cantisters* at it, to cool and contract, then twist???

*Or a fire extinguisher.
I'm assuming its stuck at the point where its most exposed to damp, which has the slots cut into the frame that allow it to be tightened up, so they may just pull in if the post contracts? Worth a go though.

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I was tinkering early and I had an idea that's worth a shot. Something that can be done after every ride without taking the bike out of service.

Has your bike got bottle mounts on the seat tube? Take one out. Turn the bike upside down. Squirt a bit of penetrating oil in. Leave it. Hopefully some of it will seep in-between the frame and the post.

Repeat after every use.
4601 - 4603 of 4603 Posts