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tonight supper was this:

this recipe is for two

curry tuna pasta

tin of tuna flakes
1/2 cup of yoghurt
1 teaspoon of medium curry powder
100 grams of pasta - preferably the seachell type (Conchiognetti or something like that, pasta spelling is not muy strongpoint)
1/2 yellow pepper
a spring onion chopped
some fresh parsley chopped

cook the pasta until done al dente; meanwhile chop the yellow pepper into smallish cubes, and then mix the yoghurt and curry paste together, then add in the chopped yellow pepper. then mix well, and add the spring onion and the parsley.

drain the pasta, then add in the mix of all the rest in and serve...

we also had the following as an addition

Avocado wrap

two tortilla wraps
a small avocado peeled and chopped into smallish cubes
some chopped lettuce
2 spoons of light mayonnaise
2 spoons of yoghurt

add the avocado to the lettuce, and then add the yoghurt and mauyonnaise, and mix well together. heat a frying pan until hot, and put the tortillas in the hot pan for 6 seconds on each side.
put the tortillas on a plate, and spoon the mixture into the middleof the tortilla and then wrap them up and enjoy....

it has been something we decided to do this year and so far the meals have been quick and easy, and simply delicious...

go on give these a try and if they do not toickle your fancy then something is wrong.... if you like i will make a thread daily of the recipes we are doing and see if people woill enjoy them as well...

please let me know if you try it and enjoy it....
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