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Did anyone put a servo into a 1303???

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Hi i am in the middle of restorations of my 1303 and i'll put calipers all around , so i like to put a servo to give my more easy and soft braking , do anyone her did it
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You can fit a remote servo, something like one off e.g. a bmw 2002.
One of the things on the list, just not got round to it yet.
I have already a subaru servo from a turbo one but not sure how to do it
well from what i can tell the remote system only works on single line master cylinders. so the master cyliner output goes to the servo and the servo output goes to the original T-piece that distributes the fluid to the brakes.
not sure if you have dual output master cylinder apart from how it would be mounted in a modern car ie the servo is between the brake pedal and master cylinder.
of course you will need to run a vacuum line from the engine manifolds to the servo aswell.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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