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didn't get one...

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...got two!!! :D

posted on the show your pets thread that we were going to choose a border terrier tonight. as it happens couldn't bear to leave one out so we've decided to get two; woo hoo!

two more additions to our huuuuggge campervan family :coffeecup

em X
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They are sooo sweet - I also have one of them, I could quite fancy another one- once I've replaced everything this one has chewed! :D Meet Bodger, 24 weeks and I'm surprised he's gotten there!

He's about 10 weeks in this - what colour will yours be? :)
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bodger is VERY VERY cute!

one will be red grizzle and the other looks like it'll be blue and tan! they're really surprised as both parents (which we saw) are red grizzle.

we're sitting here trying to bide our time til the 21st when we can pick them up. so excited...now trying to decide on names: this isn't going to be easy! :lol:

em X
Thanks, he is very cute - he looks like his brother from the last litter.Blue & Tans are more rare, I was surprised when I saw Chimpy's Monty. I didn't have much choice cos I got him from the farm at home (Northumberland) & we only have blue & tans. If I get another one I'd like a grizzle tho. I think the names come to you when the pups are a bit more developed. You've got a lot to look forward to - they're very single minded... :crazy: :D
Awwwww good on ya, I couldn't leave just one either :)
You two are just going for the full look aren't you :-

go on, paint the van ;)
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