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Diference between building stock and performance?

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Another question for you all,i have an old engine building video which i feel confident enough about rebuilding a stock engine,what would the differences be if i was to build say a 1776,i know about the pistons and having the case bored but are there any fundamental differces that i should do on reassembly?
Also can someone explain full flow for oil for me possibly with pics as i just dont know what it means and what the advantages are etc.Is it very technical to do as this obviusly wont be on the video!!

Thanks a lot for your time.
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The main differences can all be done by suppliers so not too much to worry about - drilling & tapping the case for full flow can be done by the same supplier who clearances the case for bigger cylinders

If I were you I'd get the bottom end (crank, rods etc) dynamically balanced. If you're going to make more power at higher revs you want the engine to be able to take it.

Have you got Keith Seume's Engine Interchange book?
I have got that book somewhere,will it be of use?
You'll need it to verify your compression ratio and rocker geometry at least, you never know what else you don't know either :D
I wouldnt recoment it to the complete novice as if you fuck it up the you have wasted all of your money.
full flowing the case allows for a remote filter, or cooler to be fitted, thus cooling down your engine.
It all rely depends on what you want onit, cams, carbs, valves etc.
the prices can start to snow ball, i really enjoyed my 1955cc engne project but i didn't enjoy justifying the costs to her indoors.

think about what you want from the engine and what it'll be fitted to.

then give yourself a budget

the two will probably meet way down your engine wish list.
i ended up spending 4kor more, everthing was new bar some tin ware, alternator etc. i'm guessing you might be novice to this so take lots and lots of research time before spending your hard earned. you don't wont to own unnessecery items
I was thinking of buying one of the scat stroker kits,they seem like quite a good deal to me?any thoughts?
Just remember that a higher revving engine, if you are going that way, is more likely to shake itself to bits. Balancing as was mentioned is essential. Also a counterweighted crank should be used. Otherwise I can't see that the rebuild would be any different
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