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I know this isn't a home made one, but I use this "magnetic folder" loads. It normally clamps the metal via an electronic magnet to hold it in place as you fold. Unfortunately the magnet shorted out but I still use it by clamping with caver clamps.

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It came with a selection of top plates, but of course you can clamp anything on top to fold round. That way you can clamp tube, for instance, to get a round fold.
I'm sure the design would be easy to copy for a home made equivalent.

Of course, for bigger jobs I have this monster.....

Tire Loom Wheel Automotive tire Vehicle

Currently using it to fold a rolled edge .

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Thats something i've been meaning to build for a while now. Would have come in so useful when working on my brother in laws T25.
This was the one i was going to copy.
I think I might have watched that video before. I've had these in my amazon basket for months, ready for when I stumble across some scrap steel.

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