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(DKR) VW Drag Racing Club. Der Kafer Rennfahrer when translated to English means "The Beetle Racers" so there is no doubt what this club is all about.
The clubs birth was a result of a need for a South East of England based club dedicated to VW drag racing, to enable like minded people to share their passion for VW drag racing in a fun, friendly and slightly competitive way.Since launching we have members from all over the country joining. The club was inspired by clubs such as the SAS Rennwagens and JG54 Greenhearts and I hope that one day this club could share at least half their success.

Meetings are held on an adhoc basis and at various VW drag racing events around the country and the details of these are announced on this website. This club is open to anyone to join who meets the Membership rules.
1.You must own a VW Beetle (or Karmann Ghia, Fast Back or Square Back or beach buggy) that is road legal
2.Your vehicle must be have run a Sub 15.0 second quarter of a mile and evidence of this is required via a timing slip. Membership has three levels to promote a little interclub competition, as is based on the Christmas Tree lighting sequence. Red membership is awarded for a sub 15 second quarter mile pass, Amber membership for a sub 14 second Pass and Green membership for a sub 13 second pass
3.The club is open to both Air cooled vehicles and Alternate Engine (A/E) vehicles
4.Membership is free of charge
5.Certificates and Stickers are awarded to members on joining the club
6.Club T-shirts are available to members at cost

We hope to see you track side soon. Come and say hi!
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