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Do this for the kids......now light a candle

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Folks, this is in support of the NSPCC, they hope to have 1 million candle
lit by 31st December this year.

Here's the link.

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what a clever idea thank you have done my bit :hug:
Iv lite a candle for those children :(
I've lit mine :)
thats a brilliant way of doing a petition, I have lit my candle
done mine.
funny enough just this week, we chose to have money taken out of mine and my wifes wages each month for the nspcc.
i've lit a candle and put it in a bulletin on my myspace
they are doing quite a drive on this at the moment!

got stopped by two people in the street and was very happy to say i aready have a direct debit set up each month!

i believe every one should have the same beginning in life

which is why i give to the RSPCA to :)
have done Tis, and forwarded to emails as well
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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