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Do you get many at yours?

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Your Local VW Meet?

Just got back from the Herts VW Club meet...

its miserable, damp and cold...

But still this lot turned up!


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we also got a good vw wet weather community spirit... just not as many member in the club hahah

and then there were the ones who turned up in Non vws! :)
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It was a good turn out :cool:
It was... but you sat inside all night! :eek: :D
good to see a wide array of vw
There is a good range of cars in the club ... We don't care if its low or high, shiny or rusty... Everyone is welcome! :D
Yea, we get many at ours :D All Dubz Klub ftw. Nice pictures :)

Last sunday - it was raining heavily right up until the meet began, and within minutes there were like 20 VWs there:

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That's one hell of a turnout for a local club.

We've been getting 30/40, though we've only had 3 so far!
at my local meet we get... 7 maybe 8 people...
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