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does anyone know anything about this bus?

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its truly awesome!

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The mods were done in the seventies and it was found in a barn in sweden or something.

There was a write up in Volksworld I think, cant remember which one though.
It was at Vanfest IIRC. Caused quite a stir too.
from the grave to on the road in a fortnight..seen it at vanfest last year..FECKING HARDCORE!
The Seagull Ghost Custom a proper custom hoodride
i know after stanford hall show on the m1 it came past me like a fu..king rocket :D
i normally hate split screens :incheek: that one is cool as :D
ProfessorWheeto said:
I wonder how many buffers were suffering from blood pressure problems :lol:
those lot kill me...it's just a car at the end of the day :lol:
it is now officially my most favourite vehicle. was it at this years vanfest as i didn't see it there!

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