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Door Pillars! Help!

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I'm about to start replacing the full front quarter on my 1302 and need to decided where to get my door pillars from. I've looked around and its a toss up between hookys and heritage.




Or the ones from Hooky's Panel Shop. (I would post a link but my stupid internet won't open the page)

Anyone had any experience with these panels?

And does anyone know where I can get replacement plates for the top hinge (coz I can't get the damn hinge screws out!!)

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Yeah just seen a thread further down about the same thing. Hookys panels look far better. Do you know how to get hold of him?
Hooky's are far superior and made of proper metal to take a good strong weld. I invested in his hinge alignment jig, best £10 I spent on the project. Not only did it align the repair panel but also when I repositioned/repaired my door hinges it aligned them as well.

Call him; Tel (Day): 07967 235571
Tel (Eve): 01282 613046
Cheers for that, I was looking at his door alignment tool as well. How long does he usually take to ship the parts out to you?
He'll know better than us mate, just call and talk to him ;)
Just spoke to Steve. What a cracking guy!!

Gonna have my new panels by Friday!
As for the top screws just drill them out. 6mm all the way thru then 10mm till the CS head comes free and you can tap the rest of the screw out with a M8 tap ;)

Saves pissing around with impact drivers and warping the A pillar.
Just ordered some new backing plates off Steve haha.

Got 2 pillars 2 back plate and the alignment tool all deliver for £85. Bargain I think
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