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Hello all,

I've just recently purchased a 98' Jetta III GLS.

I got it for cheap because someone tried to break into the driver's side window with a jimmy and damaged the power windows/locks. I tore the door apart and found a control module/door latch that seems to be the problem. Where the air hose connects is snapped off, and at the top of the unit, there is a small sensor. The clips to hold this in place are snapped off, and this is causing it to function intermittently.

a) where can I find this part, other than a dealer? I don't want to get killed in price.

b) would this part being bad affect the security system? It wants to beep randomly, but not the horn, it sounds like the security beep. Also, the check engine light is on. I haven't pulled the codes - other than a computer, is there a key-turn method to pulling codes? I'm assuming that this Door regulator (Pardon if it's the wrong name for this part) can make the check engine light come on, and that it's also causing the security beeps.

All of your help is greatly appreciated!
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