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Early bay Gutters

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Would anybody mind doing me a quick simple drawing of exactly how the gutters attach to the van?

Got a few issues with my gutters that need sorting and the garage came back with a rediculous price.

Cheers all :hangloose
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The gutters aren't "attached", they are 'formed' out of the seam where roof and side panels are pressed and welded together. Complex and time consuming to repair, hence the high price quote from your garage.
Ah Shit!

Excuse the crap drawing (Will take a photo tomorrow) but his is basically what the left gutter looks like at the moment.

It looks like an extra plate has been stuck to the roof and then comes down to cover the gutter.

The gutters have started to rust slightly and i think somebody has put this plate in place and the silicone sealed it in place.

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time to remove the gutters and go for the smooth look !!! :incheek:
done mine..

hello mate i have had mine done by my bros mate who is the mutts nuts... and beleave me if you have heart problems dont do it :D :D

i looked around for prices and all the ones i got i could have got a new van...or they would not take it on.. but mine was real bad :eek: you could lift the roof up.....ha ha

its not as easy as some my think all the panels you can buy dont fit the same.. night mere..

but sayin all this mine is the nuts now.. :D

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Cheers for all your help everybody.

The plate has been spot welded to the roof and then comes down to cover the gutter.

Unfortunately for me, where the plate had been sealed moisture has got in and done it's worst to my roof.

Section of roof needs needs cutting out and replacement panel welding in.

Thanks again for everybodies help. :hangloose
here you go -

a cross section

i`m going to be grafting in some donor pieces from another van.

this piece is the bit above the sliding door which is why it has a recess for the rubber seal.

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so really it would be more simple to fit a complete roof skin if its just spot welded around where the gutters are? im thinking of doing that on my bus as the gutters look mouse eaten in certain areas...
Good luck. I have now done both sides and one front corner. It's hard going, especially if you need to fabricate the inner sections.

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Fortunately my inner skins are intact.

It's literally just rotted away at the roof under where the plate was spot welded on.

I'm surprised the entire lot hasn't caved in by now.

As said previously, i just need to cut a section of the roof out (Where the plate had been welded on top) and remove all the crap and then weld a new section in the length of the roof.

Thanks again for all the info everybody :hangloose
erm.. `mr doggy` :incheek:

did you get much distortion when you welded the long pieces in down the side?

my inner sections are gone in places - i was going to try and use donor pieces for these sections.
Not much disortion. I had a sore wrist by the time I had finsished as I spot welded every few inches all the way allong, each time waiting for it to coool down. I then spot welded in between again and again............ took ages, and eventually had a continuous weld.

I also put a flange in it using my air flanging tool and used cleco pins to to clamp it in place.
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