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Easy Question - beetle floorpan to body bolt head sizes and lengths

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1. Can anyone tell me what spanner size the bolts at the front of the floorpan are? The 4 larger floorpan to body bolts just before the bulk head? (there are 2 at the front of each sill)

Also - approx how long are the threads?

2. Again, What spanner size are the 2 bolts that go into the top of the front beam, and approx thread length?


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They are all M10 bolts, Head size is 17 mm Across the Flats.
the 4 into the front corners of heater channels are 50 mm long, the 2 into the top of the axle beam are 35 mm long
Thanks m8 - legend.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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