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ebay again sorry

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i had a none paying bidder who bid on a bus just to come for a look :rolleyes: ive left him negative feedback and will contact ebay .
my question is the fees are £56 with listing and final fee how do i get in touch with ebay just by email as they wont let me put a non payment in now it has to be 12 days since end of auction :rolleyes:
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You can open a dispute 7 days after the non paying bidder won the bus. You'll be eligible for a final value fee credit and a free relist afterwards :)
thanks for that ,wish people would think about what they are doing very annoying :mad:
I agree! Had someone do the exact same thing to me on a buy it now, just so that nobody else could view it. It's annoying but at least you'll get your money back so it's just your time and patience that's been wasted...good luck! :) :hangloose:
Hope no one does this to me on Sunday when my auction ends . . . :eek:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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