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ebay non payer.

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Its the first time someone has messed me about.
Its only been two days, but no contact at all so far. They only have 5 feedback (all good though) and it was an expesive item, £400+

How long would you leave it before reporting them and giving the next guy the second chance offer?
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It is possible that they bid and then went away, i'd probably give it till saturday or sunday.
My personal rule is that I give them 5 days to at least contact me. I'll try to contact them after about 3 but, after 5 days, if no contact I'd initiate action. All you might get is a free relist.

Personally I'd leave it 7 days,unless I had reason to suspect a problem,ie no feedback.
Contact them after 5.... report them after 7. :)

Thats what i'd do, anyway.
I had someone refuse to pay for an item over £2,5k! I waited 7 days then reported them through the dispute console. At least that way I got my final value fee credit back and I relisted it for free.
Ebay actually say, give them a minimum of 7 days to pay, unless you actually specified in your ad that you wanted immediate payment and made it very clear to the buyer. They also state that you cant file for non-payment past a 45 day cut-off period.
Yeah, that sounds fair.
Ill wait till sunday then badger tham a bit more, then reprt then next week.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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