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Hi - I have recently bought a timer switch for my 412. It's the one built into the clock. It all seems to work but I cannot figure out the wiring. The eberspacher manuals don't seem to help as none have the timer switch details/wiring. I have to connect up terminals B, 15 and 30 on the back of the timer. Can't figure it out. Does anyone know? I want to be able to warm up the car in the mornings before going to work!!!

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does have an archive of the entire heater manual for just your car:
Click on "Description" will take you to the heater diagram.

There is also a link to BA4 service bulletins.

The last bulletin is about a switch replacement part (no interest)
and has a connection diagram if you scroll to bottom.

There it shows terminal "Z" on the plug connected thru to
the "Clock with heater time switch"...

I'm guessing here a bit, but I believe the purpose is
for the clock timer contact to close, thus feeding +12V
to the "temperature sensor probe" and permitting the
heater to run. That may be the "B" terminal on
your new timer.

Term #30 should go to a "hot all the time" point on your
fuse block. Term #15 may need to be connected into the
heater wiring to fool it into thinking that the manual heater
switch has been turned On.

Sorry this is not a complete answer. But maybe it can get you
started and someone else has more info.
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