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bought a shell for £100 and built my self a beetle rewired it myself , when I turned the ignition key the engine never turns over very fast , got worse recently and now hardly turns over at all , tried new starter motors , replaced engine , renewed earth strap on gearbox , bypassed ignition switch , run new wire from barrel to starter , new battery , its not the timing as engine is fine in my camper , only thing I've not tried come to think of it is the regulator , dont suppose it could be that could it ( must try this w/e ) after I've changed the engine in the split :) ) or could it be anything to do with the light switch as thats where I get the power for the ignition switch ( I think ......Haynes manual wiring diagram )
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If it spins over well when you do the test below, work your way through the starter circuit, including the feed from the battery to the dash until you find a voltage drop. Are all cables at least as large/thick as the wiring diagram says?
Possibly the starter bush in the gearbox?
I had one once that had worn very badly and gave these symptoms as the torque from the starter motor was causing it to jam due to the oval (instead of round) bush.
A couple of quid sorted it (plus my time) ;)

Just a thought...........
thanx for the thoughts guys will check them this w/e :coffeecup
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