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'Embarrasing Teenage Bodies'

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'i've got cock rash, is this normal?'

'get out of my surgery you scabby cunt'

I'm having real trouble keeping my dinner down watching this :lol:

'oooh i hate my teenage pregnancy stretch marks, but i don't want a scar from surgery..'

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never heard of moon cup...just googled. :eek:
Now whenever I see that Moonpig advert all I can think of is "Moon cup!"

Oh fucking hell! I Googled "moon cup" and found a forum about eco-ness and a newbie asking about moon cups.

This was one of the responses:
"Hi There!
Yes, I have used a moon cup and would highly recommmend it for various reasons: it's cheaper in the long run (lasts up to ten years), you don't need to carry anything around with you when you're out, you don't feel it or smell anything, the impact on the environment is phenominally reduced (feel good factor for that one!) and dare I admit this as my neighbour would blush if he knew (asked me what I fed my lovely hanging baskets with?) yes, you can add your nutricious supply to a can of water and feed the plants!! Hope that answers your question! On the practical side, I will warn you, there's a sort of vacuum, suction that occurs when you try and get it out - you feel like you're wrestling abit, you really do get the knack after a day or two. I'll never use anything else now......good luck! Best Wishes..........

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1 - 2 of 68 Posts
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