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Engine Diagrams Dont Exist!!!!

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Does anyone know of anywhere that you can find a photo or drawing of a few different beetles engines with arrows pointing to all the different parts and naming them and what their function is within the engine?

I am really supprised that this is so hard to find? I thought there would be loads I have tried the old faithfull (google) but cant find zilch! :(

I am trying to learn everything I can as quickly as I can and its not all that easy... :(

Hard to work things out like NOS and 1300S and 1300 because I stupidly thought that 1300s would have a 1300 engine but nope!
Can anyone point me to a book or better still a video called "How to learn the workings of your beetle a guide for complete numb nuts" :crazy:

What about a website "Vdubs for dimwitts" ? LOL

Serrioulsy if anyone can help with this sort of thing please tell me!

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Hi fellow Northantser
try this book

from somewhere like www.vwbooks.co.uk
or amazon
this will have diagrams of engine layout etc
hope this helps :D
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