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Engine fitting probs

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I've got a spare engine that I'm trying to fit to my project bug. Only prob is the flywheel doesn't seem to want to fit. This is a 1300 '66 bug and the engine I'm trying to fit is a mish mash. 12volt 1600 built onto a 1300 case.

Is there anyway to check the flywheel size (i.e. 180 or 200mm) without taking the pressure plate off? I know there's sometimes a prob with fitting a 200mm flywheel to a 1300 box.

Am I right in thinking I can clearence the box a bit to accomodate the flywheel? It seems to be catching around where the engine bolts run through the bell housing.

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The difference in flywheel size is between 6v and 12v, not between the clutch sizes of 180/200mm. This might help you with the grinding............
Sweet. Cheers moby, I'll go have a nosey and see if I can get it sorted.
Read the 6V/12V Conversion article on my web site for
more "gotchas":

Speedy Jim
cheers jim,

very informative. didn't know about the starter bush
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