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Don't rule out Dick Dastardly Barrichello.

"The spring,Muttley,you fool!"

I don't think Hamilton will have it that easily...he'll feck up his tyres. ;)

Badoer was embarrassing. :(
Why don't I listen to myself and put money on my predictions? The bookies were offering 12/1 on "Barry Cello" to win!* :lol:

OK,I was wrong about Hamilton and his tyres...the pit crew did it for him instead.

And as for Badoer..."Mama mia!It's-a Renault inna tha pit lane-a! I-a betta mova outta tha way!"....WTF? :mad:

*Thank you Mr Whitmarsh for your pronunciation guide.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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