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Fantasy F1 - Japanese GP - Anyone like Sushi?

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Haven't seen one of these threads for a while and since I'm back on page one of the leaderboard I'm not ashamed to be part of it anymore.

Come on then, closest championship for a while, where are you putting your chips: red or blue?

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I like Sushi she is a LOVELY girl, smart, witty, cool need I go on? ;) :lol:

There shall be tears come the end of this season :( :(
Richardy said:
Red or Blue for you?
This season has been superb! can't wait for sunday race. TBH I know I've always stated I'm not a ferrari fan (most unsporting team on the track) but regardless of this I now want schumacher to win this year, and retire top of his game.

Should be good to see Kimi in red next year too, hopefully he will have a car under him that will make it to the end of the race! I can't stand Ron Dennis, smut twat! so screw Mclaren!
Oi! Upstart ... I did one this morning

Go Bunton!
Sushi said:
Red or Blue for you?
I'm afraid that I still want Fernando to win, I respect Schumacher's talents enormously but after so many years of domination I like seeing other drivers win against him. :)

Ideal world, for Sunday:

Button to win with Alonso second and Kimi third with Schumacher in fourth so to bring the title down to the last race.

Oh and Coulthard 5th. :D
Ianie said:
Oops!, sorry sir I didnae notice. :lol:
Richardy needs new glasses :D

You Briatore lover :eek:

Did you see Fernandos goatee? :lol: made me chuckle, it had gone by race day, someone obviously told him he looked a tool.

MSC to win
Massa 2nd
Button 3rd
Raikkonen 4th

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My glasses are fine, it's my eyes that are shit :incheek:

Do you know what I'd REALLY like to see? Totyota actually coming to the grand prix instead of sending those multi-millionnaire pace drivers out there every month.
1 Buttons
2 Barrichello
3 Raikonen
4 Alonso

Shuie to blow up so that Type 3 doesn't get anymore points ahead of me in the championship bahh humbug!
I've given up supporting my Fantasy team as Baby Rosberg never seems to complete anything nowadays.

My predictions for the real race are

1)8th World Championship ;)
2)G Fishyjelly
3)F Tikka-Masala
4)T Sata Hard-Drive

The rest of the field DNF as Alphonso reverses to the back of the grid at the start of the race and swipes at the Spyker of C Alba-stereo mistaking the paint scheme for that of a Furhairy.

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