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Fingers crossed for my little girls op

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Having an operation at 8.30am to insert pins in her hand she broke last night :(
She slammed it in sliding patio doors-shes only 3yrs old.

I hope the NHS don`t fook it up for a change....i haven`t had the best luck with them in the past.
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They'll get it right mate. Thoughts are with you and your little girl.

good luck, they did wonders when our girl needed help
good look and lots of :hug: :hug: :hug: for your little girl
She'll be reet - sending good vibes from me and Little Wool
:( poor wee hen :hug: n healing thoughts going her way
I'm sure they take extra special care of her. Thinking of you today :hug:
Lots of hugs :hug: and love to you all
awww. big hugs for her. hope she is over it all soon and it all goes ok....

im sure it will be....

spoil her while she is in recovery..

Chelle x
fingers crossed. I'm sure she's in very capable hands.

Aw! :( Bless her little hurty hand! They'll take good care of her!

Here's some happy pics for her to loook at when she gets home

:hug: :hug:
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only just spotted this thread this morning, so it should all be over by now, hope it all went OK, not all the NHS is crap...think its just the bit I work In :)
give her lots of hugs (avoiding her hand :) )..and tell her theres lots of people on here thinking about her.
hope shes better soon and running around again.
steve and family. :)
:hug: sending positive vibes!
Oh bless, Hope it all goes well, poor little chick :hug:
yea the best of luck to her. Thing is as she's so young her bones are still very very soft therefore will heal much better than us oldies. It'll be fine buddy, let us know how it goes! ;)

Ben :hangloose
Hugs and healing to you all.
Best of luck dude, It's only by the grace of some sort of guardian angel my 4 year old has'nt seriously hurt himself yet.

Hope she makes a full recovery, kids heal well and probably the worst she might have is a few aches and pains in later life.

Hope it all went well and she has a pain free recovery :)

PS The NHS have done mighty fine by me, I think they're better than most folk think, so don't worry :)
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