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First beetle cabrio in the UK?

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Hiya 馃榾.
I just saw this cabrio come up on the saleroom.....

It's not mine (sadly) and I have no connection with it. Apart from just posting the link here so you can salivate over it like I just did, I'm just thinking - wasn't that beautiful bronze coloured one that Rich Oakley had, meant to be the first in the UK? The reg was MAP 171 or similar...
Someone will put me out of my misery :).
Also what's that second little cap behind the fuel filler hole?
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Rich's Cabrio is a '57 according to DVLA. - I googled "Rich Oakley's cabrio" and pictures immediately turned up :)

The chassis date for this one is August '54. I believe the first official imports to the UK were late '53. So that would mean about year before anybody ordered a Cabrio - I suppose that's possible.

No idea what the extra hole on the gas tank is for unless it's a sender for a fuel gauge.
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