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I've decided to take up car restoration and looking for a bit of advice about a route in. This is as a hobby not a career. I currently own an early bay but would like to do up a splitty. Before I do that I want to start out on something cheaper.

I'm enrolled on a course which will give me a bit of practice with a MIG welder and at panel beating, but I'm after some advice for my first project. I'm thinking:

A Vespa: I can do this in my own garage and would be quick and cheap in parts, but there's not much welding to give me practice, getting wrong on 2 wheels could be more disastrous, and although I thought a small 2 stroke would be simpler to work on, apparently they're full of a lot of small fiddly parts. Project scooters not that cheap either.

Beetle: From what I've seen these can actually be harder to work on than busses (no need to remove the bosy on a bus?) But projects seem to go for a couple of hundred, so if I cock it up it won't be the end of the world. Would teach me a lot about the engines.

T25: Very cheap, but takes up space (that much more than a bug?) The body/chassis is quite similar, but the engines are quite a bit different.

I'm fully aware that many projects are never finished (I've seen all the unfinished projects on ebay). I'm going into this with the view to 'taking up restoration' not to 'cheaply own a restored vehicle'

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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