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Fitting a new throttle cable?

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Is there an online guide anywhere? Thanks.
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Don't know if there is one on-line but I replaced the one on the trekker a couple of months ago and it was dead easy. If possible tie a piece of string around the bust one when you remove it and then pull the string back through with the new one attached, job done.

You don't say what vehicle, but if it's a Beetle, Agree with Jammy, simplest of jobs, you don't even need the string. Undo the connection at the carb, go inside car, in passenger footwell, find the cover on the central tunnel, and undo the bolts to remove it. The throttle cable is just inside the cover, unhook it from the lever, and pull it all the way out.
Feed the straight end of the new cable into the tube, lightly grease the rest of the cable and just feed it all the way in, hook onto lever, then go round the back and reconnect to carb, check it all works OK, and re-fit the cover in the passenger footwell. Job done.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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