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flash code obd1

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how do i read my fault codes if i do not have engine management light
i have two green plugs and one black one on my converted loom
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I'm assuming this is a Subaru loom??

In short you can't. Did you remove the OBD2 plug? The green connectors simply put the ECU into test mode and it cycles through all the relays/solenoids and the pump. When connected the EML light just flashes on and off to show it is in test mode.
thankyou for the reply
yes its a subaru loom but its pre obd2
Oh, in which case you need an SSM cable which connects to the yellow plug. You can get adaptors which "convert" this to an OBD2 cable so error codes can be read but they'll be really basic. There is also another black plug which you can short, which will trick it into flashing the light, however you appear to neither have the plug or the light so...Where in the UK are you?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts