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As seen in various threads, I am clearing my Granddads place out as he died back in April.

There are a fair few Classic Car Weeklys lying around (12 I think) that weren't even read etc - I was going to bin them (and indeed still will if no-one wants them) but it seems a bit of a shame.

Publication Font Art Linens Vehicle registration plate

I dont want anything for them (although you can feel free to give a donation to the hospice that looked after him for the last few weeks if you really wanted) - They can be picked up from Walsall, West Mids or Cardiff, as I am there every week for work.

I can post them if someone was really desperate for them and wanted to pay, but I cant imagine its worth the amount you would have to pay given the weight.

I have stuck them up on a few forums, as I just want them to go to use, so will be first come first served if randomly a load of people wanted them!

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