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Continuing the clear out of my Late Granddads place - These are all, I am pretty sure brand new (I think 2 of them still have the tags on) - He will have been bought them as presents and never bothered actually wearing them, then they have disappeared under a pile of crap 馃槀

They are labelled Large, but they arent massively large - I would say somewhere more between a medium and large (about 20/21" between armpits, so about a 40/42" chest, and not overly long - I am 5'10" and fairly broad, normally wear a medium and I could wear them as fairly 'unfitted' T-shirts without looking like I have stolen clothes from my bigger mate)

While they are new, they have been sat in a very musty wardrobe for a long time, and frankly are a bit stinky - They want a good wash before being used. There are a couple of very small, light marks on the beetle one - there were various things stacked in the wardrobe so I think its just something that has sat on them.

Product Textile Sleeve Font T-shirt

Free to collect from Walsall in West Mids, or Cardiff if easier, as I am there every week or I can post them if you want to pay the postage. I would just rather they went to someone who would use them than languish in a charity shop and get turned into rags - If anyone is desperate to pay for them, you are welcome to stick a few quid to St. Giles Hospice who looked after him for his last few months.

I am sticking these on a couple of forums, so will do first-come first-served across the lot!


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