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Hello there, i have just recently bought a 72 dormobile camper which is my first air cooled vw and have a problem.

The front beam had failed MOT on 2 seperate problems so i sourced second hand beam with the intention of using the old beams internals to re-build the new beam(as it was hollow)

After stripping the old beam i found that the mjority of the leaves were broken and in need of replacing. Luckily a friend of mine had a spare setor two and we cleaned themup and triedfitting them through the top arm on the beam.BUT they wont go in!!!

The main leaf seems to go in at a funny angle thus not allowing the others to fit.

And on the bottom arm of the beam it will only allow four or five to be placed then there is no more room for others.

Any help would be really appreciated


Alex :)

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-you may find that if you swap about beam leaves, you are on a hiding to nothing so...

firstly, go and buy 2 litres of turps and clean them all thoroughly

second, lay them out in their sets on something clean, not a dirty road , and make sure that you have the sets not only with the recesses for the dimples correctly, but they are the right way around

-as the leaves would have settled over the years, and some twist will have been put into them

thirdly on installation

with te clean leaves in a pile, the right way up, and with the beam standing up
-not laying down, fit the small ones in first -easy
-fit the middle size -in their pair into their sides -easy

now pull them apart so they touch at the opposite end

-fit one outer large one, then the other outer large one
-then tap throug the large middle one

fit the central grub screw before trying to fit the arms in

-then go and get a thoroughly thorough degreasing of your person

ps, if it has had some adjusters welded into the beam and they broke - it is because the leaves were not removed when the adjuster was welded in, thus cherryifying the spring temper away, thus making them brittle and pap
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