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Front Disc Conversion Advise Plz

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I've got a '71 Beetle, running a ball joint front frame,

I'm thinking of converting to discs up front, was wondering if this will this increse the track (space out) of the front wheels ?,

as I've seen droped spindals advertised as increasing the track I wondered if the replacement disc spindals would do the same.

Any advise would be greatfully recived. :D
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dropped spindles only increase track as they need to be wider to allow for extra strength. standard beetle spindles dont increase track as the spindle central just like the drum spindles you have now.

Cheers Ash,

Wasn't sure as I'm new to this Beetle thing,

i'm off to spend my hard earned in that case.
there is a very small increase in track when using disc over drum on stock spindles, but nowhere near as much as when using drop spindles!
cheers paul
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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