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Front end refit

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My girlfriends very rat '68 1500 just before we cut the front off due to loads of rot on the spare wheel holder and front inner wings. Poor quality picture, think maybe I shuddered as I took it. Car has been off the road after a rear ender for last 2 years and has, erm, weathered quite well ;)
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And here we are again, 15 minutes later at 9:20 am on a sunday morning. Imagine girlfriends' surprise on waking to this photo on her mobile.:confused:
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As luck would have it, by 11am this had already happened, and girlfriend only just woken up so was quickly spared the alarm caused by the previous photo:yawn:
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All this took myself and my workmate (who generally builds Mk2 granada banger racing cars) about 5hrs last sunday. Ok - it's not the prettiest welding I've been involved with, but the car is a veritable rat. Capital R. And I love this car. So there. And I want it back on the road really bad. As does my girlfriend who has reminded me that it is her car, not mine. Although she thinks it needs painting now, but I don't agree. My '71 sits in the garage, gleaming, unused, unfinished - and I know if someone damages it (it always bloody happens) I will become insane. So it stays unfinished. If someone hits the rat it hurts - but not so much. It adds character. I wanted to stick these up there, but don't know if I've blogged this in the correct forum or what - so sorry for that, but as the sign says - I'm a Virgin....:crazy:
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Hey man, if you post it in the readers ride section im sure you will get a better response ;)
Also if you title it as something a bit more detailed such as: "My Girlfriends Rat 68' 1500 - Minor Resto"
Just an idea ;)
Great work, great welding.
Thanks for the advice - new to Vzi this week and just getting the feel for it. Keep it VW!

Get the full work in progress..... ;)
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