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Front shock absorber question

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Can anyone give advice on the best front shocks for a lowered split that will help to eliminate tyre rub?

I'm running an adjutable beam (albatross adjusters) and dropped spindles, BRMS and 50 profile tyres. I get quite a bit of rub if I drop the beam below its highest setting.

Any advice greatly appreciated :hangloose
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Can anyone offer any advice? There must be plenty of you with slammed splits!
Using a shock absober to keep the tyre away from the arch is not a soloution to you problem! If they fail as they probably will due to you putting too much strain on them your tyres will hit the arches!
sounds like you need a narrowed beam!!

Yeah, I realise it's not a solution in isolation, but I am simply after firming up the front a bit. The beam and spindles are doing their jobs correctly, but I would like to go a touch lower but need to stiffen up (fnar fnar) in order to do so.
Im that case id reccomend a set of gaz adjustable ones from ssp :D

You say you've got 50 profile, I guess that's 195/50? You may need a narrower tyre to tuck up, inside the arch ie 135/70, 145/65, 165/50, 175/55, 185/55 or even drop to 195/45.
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