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FS: Adjustable shocks, engine/gbox mounts, camber compensator, anti-roll bar, 6 & 12V starters

Open to offers, especially for a bulk deal.

I am based on SE London/Kent border. All heavy so pick up preferred.

Descriptions below pictures

Bottom row from left to right -
Pair of Spax adjustable shocks for T1 ball joint front £30
Pair of Koni adjustable shocks for T1 swing axle rear £30
Pair of Spax adjustable shocks for T1 link pin front £25
Pair of Spax adjustable shocks for T1 swing axle rear £25
All shocks good when taken off cars.
Sway-away urethane gearbox and engine mounts for awing axle T1 £25
Just above shocks -
HD T1 link pin anti sway (roll) bar (chrome pealing a bit but still good). Reduces body roll and over steer. £50
Centre -
Johnny's Speed & Chrome (new still in wrapper) solid gearbox and engine mounts for a swing axle T1. £15
Just above centre -
Cartune Camber Compensator for swing axle T1 (bolts on to reduces over steer and eliminates wheel jacking in hard cornering, same type of design as Porsche fitted to later 356s to improve handling. £50
Top left and right -
T1 swing axle trans strap. Bolts around bell housing and nose of gearbox to add support and strength. Rubber lined for use with either solid or urethane mounts. £25

Starter motors were working when put on the shelf some years ago. Unless otherwise stated they all still through out and turn when jumped across a battery.

Bottom row. 2 12v. £15 each
Middle row. 3 on left are 6V, £15 each middle is 1 6V without solenoid (unknown condition), 3 on right are rare 6V thin shaft motors from '67 1500. £20 each
Top row are 2 6V rare "self support" shaft motors, i.e. the shaft does not reach into the bush in the gearbox. One does not through out £20 the pair.

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spax adjustable ball joint fronts

Hi do you have the spax fronts still for sale ball joint t1's
and is it £38.50 including post
Many thanks Mark.
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