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fuel pump fuse

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I am having trouble locating the fuse for the fuel pump on my 03 mexibug. Anyone know where it is? Thanks
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Is that fuel injected? May not be any fuse.
Pump should be controlled by relay.

(I could be way off base here...)
Fuel injected. I'm not getting any power to the pump and just thought I mau have blown a fuse. What about the relay?
Relay should be next to the ECU box (parcel shelf behind rear seat??)

The relay energizes any time the starter is cranking.
See if a lead has fallen off the starter solenoid first.
The relays can be troublesome too.

Note: I'm basing this on the FI system used thru '79 on T1 Beetle.
May not be totally accurate for your car.

There is a basic description and simplified diagram on this page
of my web site:
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IIRC... On the Late Mexi Bugs which use Bosch 'Digifant' The Fuel pump fuse is located next to the Fuel Pump relay which I think.... Is located under rear seat alongside the ECU (Opposite side to battery..)

The Pump should operate for a few seconds when the ignition is first switched on to 'Prime' The pump.. and then run continuously when the engine is Cranked/running...(This is controlled by the ECU by grounding the pump relay...)

I Think I have a Complete Mexi Wiring Diagram somewhere will try and dig it out... :)
That would be great if you can find the diagram.

I would volunteer to archive it on my web site
if that would work.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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