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Hi everyone, :elvis:
Whilst on the RestoWagen forum i noticed that several chaps have IRS transmissions in their early (pre-67, 5 stud) cars.
So what i hear you ask... :rolleyes:
Well, they haven't been converted to IRS, they're still swing axle and short shaft but with the IRS gearbox it gives nice ratios and of course much easier to bolt in a newer big-horsepower motor.

Question: How do you unite the two?
I like the idea of using the absolutely perfect IRS 'box i've got in the garage but retaining my swing axle, sexy short shafts and 5-stud wooden brakes really appeals to me. Make it a lot simpler to bolt the 1679 twin-port in too! ;)

Suggestions please :)


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Jinx said:
think you need to swap the side plates?
Sounds logical.
I'll have a mooch tomorrow and see if the dimensions tally.
I'll let you know! ;)
Thanks Jinx.

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first ascertain wether your irs box is a twin side plate one, as late boxes only have one.

If it is, then remove the rubber boot in the centre of the drive flange
-note the snap ring on the slplined shaft, whack this off with a little screw driver-it isn't a circlip

take off theflanges

take off the side plates -do not think ahead and try to undo the bolts that hold the crown wheel onto the diff, with the diff still in!
-you will mash the teeth, or worse upset the pinion

make a note-NOT A MENTAL ONE- off which side the crown wheel loads

take the diff out - remove the bolts and crown wheel from the irs diff

throw away the irs diff

now to all intent and purpose, you actually now have a swing axle box, minus the swinng axle diff.

remove the axle tubes from the sa box - dont rip the shims
-note how many

go buy some big circlip pliers, as you won't have the right ones, then proceed to remove the big circlips holding the side gears in

-nte which way the big washer sits, as the recess is its thrust face

remove axle aand PARCEL TAP he fulcrums to the axle
then sit the side gear next to it mark the unit left or right

do the same the other side

then undo all the nuts and remove the side plates -tap the lugs at the tops -mark where the clutch conduit will locate -on the irs box

in the diff between the big bearing and the diff will be a washer -on the other side the lash setting shim

ffs keep these on the same side

-proceed to transfer the irs's box's crown wheel onto the sa diff

-use something to clean the mating surface

do it up tight - tighten it some more

-now load it all back in

if you have a 71 on irs box, it should have the later style guide tube equipped release bearing clutch

now, if you have a support ring on your engines pressure plate, you need to remove it

buy a butterfly for the cable and a new flexi doo dar

make sur the nose cone is the correct diagonal or the 2 in line to match the car

-fit the box with the axles do the first side with the box on its side
-easy. the other side is trickier, yo mush turn it all so the planet gears in the diff are at 3 and 9 o'clock, if at 12 and 6, the top one will fall down -bastard

clip them in

fit the tubes with the paper gaskets in the same local, and the petals -they may have worn in that position, now check you have
drag - i mean drag as in if you hold the axle up and let go, you can turn around and touch the ground before the axle does!!!!

-then you are all set

back plates new seals new boots -fill with oil out of the car

chuck it in

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