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Gearbox painting

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Where's the best place to get the correct paint? Is it engine paint I should be using or are there special gearbox paints?

Also any dos and don'ts about washing and painting it?

I'm going to change the oil too while I can get to the filler easily - how much oil do I need, and do I just need to fill it till it's 'full'?

Thanks peeps :)

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I don't know of any special 'gearbox paint', but no paint will stay on for long unless you can thoroughly de-grease the outside of the box, and remove all traces of the white powdery corrosion. Wire brush is not enough, I tried it that way, it looked spotless, but the paint (VHT Engine laquer), flaked off in those areas within a couple of months. I think shot blasting would probably be the only way to remove all of the corrosion.
There isn't a 'correct paint', transmissions come naked from new.
The oil quantity will depend on which transmission you're talking about.
It's a 58 1200 6v box.

I thought the paint needed to be breathable? i.e engine paint.

Hmmm not so bothered if the paint doesn't stay on for too long -it's gotta be better than the layers of dirt and grime currently decorating it :lol:
I used a degreaser..... a pressure washer....followed by a wire brush in a lecky drill until I was happy it was clean. A few coats of etch primer and finish with black auto paint. I detailed the ribs in the outer casting to that the alloy showed nice and shiny through the black paint and then clear lacquered the lot.

.......no special paints required just decent surface preparation as with all paint jobs
I think the etch primer will have done the trick, and that's probably where I went wrong. The VHT engine laquer is meant to go on bare metal, mine probably wasn't bare enough.
Shamrockez said:
It's a 58 1200 6v box.
2.25-2.5ltrs depending how much got left behind when you drained it. Just fill it, with the transmission level, until it dribbles from the filler hole, wait 5 mins, then check it again.
Cheers Moby :)
I'll make sure I use etch then guys - cheers :)

I did think you were supposed to use breathable paint tho? Cos gearboxes breathe?
Shamrockez said:
Cos gearboxes breathe?
That's right, there's a tiny breather hole on the end casting just above where the selector rod goes in. Don't paint it up by accident.

Ok- I shall look out for it and avoid it with the brush :D

Thanks :)
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