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German Look Grunt at work!

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Just in case you haven't seen what a full-on German Look 1303 can do - and sounds like when it's given some stick have a look at this film on our website.


If you like what you see check the other flims out!
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Ooh the lairy little bugger! Nice :hangloose
Sounds great. What's the motor?
seen that vid a few times but there are other great vids at http://www.volksworld.com/content/down/down.htm
that's all very :cool:
but what if you want to drive in a straight line :crazy:
re: kaferdrift.wmf:

Proof that an oval ain't right for a German Looker... check out the understeer!
(ducks for cover...)

Not a problem in an '03 though ;-)

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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