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Getting power from the Leisure Battery

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In the front of my bus I have a cut off switch that has two sets of two wires in the back of it. The wires are all bound up and in a unit under the steering wheel and I'd rather not take it all apart just to get a feed off the switch so the top terminal which is when the switch is up has a black and a red wire connected to it, so I am thinking to splice into those cables in order to take a feed which would go to an inverter and then onto a socket etc.

So my question is do I just need to splice into the red cable and connect the inverter or whatever inline, or how else should this be wired up..... I obviously want everything else that currently relies on that switch to still function
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Nobody knows where the two sets of two wires come from or go to, or what size they are. A 1000watt inverter will draw around 100amps and it's unlikely that the existing switch or cables are suitable - and is the battery big enough? Assuming the leisure battery is somewhere in the back of the bus and the switch is at the front there will be a voltage drop in the cables and the lower the voltage the more amps the inverter will draw.

Without knowing details of the existing setup it's obviously impossible to advise but you'll probably have to run new cables from the leisure battery to the inverter through a fuse or circuit breaker, the cables must be rated for the current and kept as short as possible to reduce voltage drop.
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Bang on the money with your answer my friend, despite little info to go on!!! I also felt that perhaps running cables directly from the battery to a master cut off switch, then onto a new fuse box mounted at the rear of the bus was probably the best option!
Thanks for the reply and confirming!!
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