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gettting started

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hello peeps, we've just got our hands on our first bug, a 69 1600, bought it unseen off ebay ( :stupid: yeah i know i know but shes really not that bad), for 200 quid and payed more than that to get it here :eek: .

couple off questions, it was a barn find so theres no v5 so how do i register it in my name?? think its just a form from the post office and a fee.

Theres no key's so ive been on the phone to custom and commercial and a new set's on its way but heres the real problem

all the wires have been cut from the barrel and i mean all both red ones, black one and a whole host off others. i can get the car to turn over and get the ignition lights to come on when the two red ones and black are connected but are these the only three i need to connect. she turns over lovely no scraping or banging so gonna check spark and fuel and hopfully it will run.

any tips or ideas wil be a great help.

also looking for a club or cheep master mechanics the newcastle area :crazy:

thx peeps
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is there any windows missing??? not to worry u and congrats on ure first dub but i doe sound a little dodgy to me no v5 or keys and the ignition cut sounds like a hot wire to me i am prob wrong but just thoughtd id say. if u wip out the sparkys and check wat colour there feet are to see if the engine was running ok last time it ran and what cond is the air filter in?? i found the manual for mine on ebay its a haynes and the best money i have ever spent but u got the right idea commin on here for advice theres alot of clever ppl on here. :) welcome to vw ownership :)
thx jim thats a handy little site you have , checked all the wireing and everything seems to be ok, all ill have to do(snigger) is get some new fuel in and check theres a spark and its doughnuts all afternoon :D
another quick question, also with the bug came the original car jack and the washer bottle that runs off the spare wheel, are these worth anything seem to remember somthink bout parts like these but not 100% sure
Having the original washer bottle makes the car more attractive.

The jack as well, but don't use the jack for lifting;
the internal braces in the car body are often weakened
and will crush under load.

Get a small trolley jack and lift the car as shown here:
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Re. the V5 documents, I would do two things.

Ring VW head office in Milton Keynes, tell them you have bought a beetle and need to know when it was manufactured for tax purposes. They will send you a letter in a week or two stating the date of production.

Go to your local DVLA office, tell them you've bought the car without a V5, also tell them the chassis number and reg plate number (if it has reg plates) and take along your receipt for your purchase of the car (important)

Hopefully they won't have it listed as being nicked, and hopefully it will be still on their books with the right reg plate, in which case they should be able to issue you with a new V5.

If you don't know the reg number, or if the DVLA don't have it on their records anymore, then you should be able to apply for a new age related number plate using your proof of age letter from VW. However, I think you have to have it MOT'd before you can get an age related plate, which can be a problem for old cars which don't have seat belts, hazard lights etc.

Hope this helps.

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Just a quickie

As its a barn find do a service on it before you try to run it anymore. You may be doing more damage trying to get it to start.
gorillahonda said:
:) welcome to vw ownership :)
I did pretty much the same thing wanted a old vw bug for approx 15 years!!! One day woke up and thought yup im going to do it, So a few days later on ebay and i had purchased a bug unseen! again stupid in most peoples opinion but so glad i have done it as im loving it!!! few concerns with my bug and unlike you i really dont have a clue in terms of engines/mechanics etc but this is how i plan to learn! so as the others have said.... Welcome to VDub ownership!
I truly hopes it brings you more hapiness than you first dreamt! ;)
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